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The exciting Cologne-based Latin Jazz Quintet, formerly known on the internet by the members’ last names (Nickoll, Hahnfeld, Böttcher, Hunter, Villa) or by the title of their first album (Eh’ Neeky) has finally been given a name. Welcome to the world, Viento Terral!

Viento Terral had a serendipitous and exciting musical formation, where they rehearsed and recorded their debut album in a matter of a couple weeks. What came out surpassed all of their expectations, and they were in such a hurry to share the music with everyone that they didn’t get around to naming the band. By default, the band variously was called by a long and cumbersome list of member’s last names or by the title of their album. In the time since then, the group has grown from a great recording session moment into a band with true identity, and it only follows that it needed a name to reflect that. Viento Terral is the title of the 2nd track of their album, a nautical term referring to a type of coastal wind. It suggests the earthiness of their percussion and the sprightly vibrancy of their rhythm section, as well as the wind-powered nature of the trombone. Please follow our Facebook page or check back in here for new music and videos that are in the works for 2019!

Bassist Juan Camilo Villa (Colombia) had been based in Germany since 2003, touring and performing with international stars like Edmar Castañeda, Samuel Torres and Hector Martigñon. He's also been a featured guest with the NDR Big Band and WDR Rundfunk Orchestra.

Conga wizard Sebastian Nickoll (Germany) arrived from New York, having spent years there playing and recording with top Cuban and Salsa stars such as Pedrito Martinez, Luisito Quintero, John Benitez, and forming the Latin Jazz group Timbalaye with Ralph Irizarry. Since his arrival in Cologne he's been a featured guest multiple times with the WDR Big Band for projects featuring Cuban music.

After an invitation to become a member of the WDR Big Band, trombonist Andy Hunter (USA) arrived in Cologne followig a decade in New York playing and touring globally with bands including the Richard Bona Group, the Mingus Big Band, and Toshiko Akiyoshi's Big Band. He played and recorded albums with Snarky Puppy, Bob Mintzer, and did multiple tours with Dave Holland, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and a long list of famous Salsa singers and New York bands.

Pianist Thomas Böttcher (Germany) was until recently based in the Netherlands and still teaches Latin piano at the Rotterdam conservatory “Codarts." He has earned broad respect by those who enjoy Salsa and Latin music as not only an outstanding pianist but also a gifted composer/arranger, lending his talents to groups Nueva Manteca, Gerardo Rosales, Luisito Rosario and Maite Hontele.

On Timbales, Daniel Hahnfeld (Germany) had just arrived from Berlin, previously having lived in Rotterdam, performing with Salsa heavies such as N'Klabe, Lucrecia Perez, Jimmy Bosch, Maite Hontele, and Larry Harlow, and making guest appearances with the Metropole Orchestra.